Spiritual Meditations, Reflections and Introspection for Adults

The Governing Powers of the Universe

Meditation Exercises


We seek to understand the powers by which we live and which live in us.

At times we pretend to understand

At times we pretend to be the sole agent of creation

Constructing and reconstructing

But there are so many things we do not understand

So many things are out of our control and governance

A stark reminder that we are not the sole agent of that which is

And while we pretend to know

The only thing we know about those powers is that which we feel.

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Introspection Exercise

Meditation Exercises

Is there any existence outside of that which is infinite?

Can that which is infinite possess a form?

If my sins separate me from my life source am I dead?

If I am alive; breathing, speaking, thinking and producing am I connected to another life source?

How many life sources are there?

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Victoria Elizabethaan

Victoria Elizabethaan is a Cosmic Spirituality coach and writer who advocates for the acquisition of self governance via an advance awakened consciousness. Through her advocacy in this area, she hopes to promote a change in the misconception that freedom is irresponsibility and helps others achieve self-mastery. Victoria heralds four themes: Self governance, Effective communication, Healthy relationships and Healthy community living. Elizabethaan writes numerous inspirational books, articles, quotes, poetry and sayings; to channel her readers along the spiritual path. It is her wish that through her writings, many individuals will be liberated from a meaningless life, anxiety, fear and depression that comes about from living in the unknown and a neglect of the spirit. She has worked in the following areas: Leader and facilitator of youth groups, Youth mentor, Pre – and Post-marital coach and Inner City Youth Mentor-ship Program Coordinator Her interests include spirituality, reading and the performing arts. Included among her certifications, Victoria is a recipient of a BA (hons) with emphasis in guidance and counseling