Spiritual Meditations, Reflections and Introspection for Adults



Our feeling is independent of the external environment.  What we feel may be considered unique to us. The fact that you are sad having experienced an external stimulus does not mean the stimulus should be blamed for your sadness. Another individual experiencing similar stimulus may feel joy while another person may not be affected at all.

It therefore means that you feel the way you do because you are who you are. No one should be held responsible for your thoughts or actions but you. It is you who decide to act or feel the way you do.

Cosmic spirituality heralds the message of another kingdom. This kingdom has been heralded in the past by Krishna, Gautama and Jesus; among many others. The gospel or good news that this kingdom promotes is the good news of self governance. It states that human beings can fully govern their thought, action and attitude irrespective of the external environment. The gospel of this kingdom states that you are responsible.  No one makes you act or feel the way you do. There is no one or nothing to blame but you and no one or nothing to praise but you as well.

The purpose of this introspection is to introduce you to this kingdom. Although this kingdom is founded on a higher plane, the individual who embraces it would have embraced humanity in its fullest sense of the word.

Are you ready to embrace this kingdom?

It is a ‘whosoever will may come’ call.

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Do not be a Victim Of Circumstances




Stop being a victim. Take responsibility for who you are …your thoughts, actions and feelings.

Stop blaming parents, coworkers, the weather, your employer, the government …

Do not depend on God to do the things you really should be doing for yourself. That is exactly what we are doing when we say we are ‘trusting God to …’ or ‘leaving …to God’. We have been given all the tools necessary to create and recreate who we are. Use them and stop being a victim.

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Victoria Elizabethaan

Victoria Elizabethaan is a Cosmic Spirituality coach and writer who advocates for the acquisition of self governance via an advance awakened consciousness. Through her advocacy in this area, she hopes to promote a change in the misconception that freedom is irresponsibility and helps others achieve self-mastery. Victoria heralds four themes: Self governance, Effective communication, Healthy relationships and Healthy community living. Elizabethaan writes numerous inspirational books, articles, quotes, poetry and sayings; to channel her readers along the spiritual path. It is her wish that through her writings, many individuals will be liberated from a meaningless life, anxiety, fear and depression that comes about from living in the unknown and a neglect of the spirit. She has worked in the following areas: Leader and facilitator of youth groups, Youth mentor, Pre – and Post-marital coach and Inner City Youth Mentor-ship Program Coordinator Her interests include spirituality, reading and the performing arts. Included among her certifications, Victoria is a recipient of a BA (hons) with emphasis in guidance and counseling