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Are you desirous of a spiritual change?  Cosmic spirituality is not about religion. Cosmic spirituality is not about fortune telling. Cosmic spirituality will not put you in touch with any of the gods or their rituals, traditions or rules. Cosmic spirituality is not about secular , religious or intellectual social networking. Cosmic spirituality is here to assist you in developing the richer and more advanced inner human qualities that are necessary for you to function as an independent adult spirit being who conducts all affairs according to reason and responsibility. Cosmic spirituality teaches you how to extend this mature adult Cosmic consciousness into community living in a spirit of oneness. Cosmic spirituality seeks to bring individuals together who have been awakened or who are at that stage where the spirit is demanding the awakened experience.Every book written by Victoria Elizabethaan has this as the main underlying objective. The content of every book, irrespective of its title, is geared toward the acquisition of the Cosmic purpose. This website has this as the main underlying objective as well. Cosmic spirituality seeks to prepare individuals for the liberation to another dimension that is only attainable by self governing individuals. Cosmic spirituality will achieve its goal by impacting each individual (or unit of conscious energy), in such away that the frequency at which they presently vibrate is transformed to that which is necessary for their liberation or expulsion. A strong belief of Cosmic spirituality is that we are here to evolve into maturity…that state of completeness…then we move on. The lower realm is not designed, and is not a permanent dwelling for adult spirit beings. The lower realm nurtures us until we are awakened into completeness.

Inspirational Poetry

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Do I love me?


How can I say I love me?

When the thoughts I hold hurts me so

I seldom feed my mind with goodness

Or allow my true self to grow


I walk the road of negligence

And act as if I do not care

I lie, I cheat and make believe

And plunge me in despair


How can I say I love me?

When facing the truth I do not do

I smoke, I drink, and give my body

All the things that aren’t food


I seldom take the time to reflect

Even though I have much to regret

I laugh, I smile , walk on a high

While my spirit keeps asking ‘Is this a lie?’


How can I say I love me?

When I have made no plan

To take myself from hopeless misery

Take on that mission for which I should stand

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Victoria Elizabethaan

Victoria Elizabethaan is a Cosmic Spirituality coach and writer who advocates for the acquisition of self governance via an advance awakened consciousness. Through her advocacy in this area, she hopes to promote a change in the misconception that freedom is irresponsibility and helps others achieve self-mastery. Victoria heralds four themes: Self governance, Effective communication, Healthy relationships and Healthy community living. Elizabethaan writes numerous inspirational books, articles, quotes, poetry and sayings; to channel her readers along the spiritual path. It is her wish that through her writings, many individuals will be liberated from a meaningless life, anxiety, fear and depression that comes about from living in the unknown and a neglect of the spirit. She has worked in the following areas: Leader and facilitator of youth groups, Youth mentor, Pre – and Post-marital coach and Inner City Youth Mentor-ship Program Coordinator Her interests include spirituality, reading and the performing arts. Included among her certifications, Victoria is a recipient of a BA (hons) with emphasis in guidance and counseling