Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you,” and yet so many of us seek that kingdom outwardly. It takes more than enlightenment to lead a conscious life. It calls for more than meditation. We take you along the path of success towards a holistic life.

Our video format lessons are short, precise, informative/enlightening, interesting and inspiring. They are aimed at empowering you to know and to take control of your world!

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Think Big Spiritual Awakening is founded on the cosmological belief that ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you’.

The individual who is considered to be a Cosmic spiritualist is more than an awakened or enlightened individual. An awareness or enlightenment will not prepare you for the impending spiritual epoch. You must become that enlightenment. Every state of the consciousness is characterized by a specific vibrational frequency. Our vibrational frequency is directly related to who we are. And there is a specific  frequency of vibration that is considered as befitting departure to another dimension. We refer to this frequency as the frequency of self-governance.

Self-governance suggests that you are mature enough to govern all your affairs according to reason and responsibility. According to Hu Dalconzo, responsibility means to respond with ability. Becoming self-governing also suggest being grounded and realistic.

Think Big Spiritual Awakening equips you and your family to be grounded spiritually, be realistic, develop your capability to reason more complex and advanced thoughts and provides the tools for you to respond with the ability. You must become self-governing!

Our quotes and poems focus on:

Understanding the cosmos – its structure and function,

Developing a Cosmic Spiritual identity. Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I go from here?

Assess your belief system, culture and socialization

Helping you become aware of your surroundings and vigilant in regards to the unfolding of world events

Becoming a self-governing spirit being and

Oneness and community living.

There is no set order or sequence to our quotes and poems. As an adult spirit being, you are required to seek for that which your spirit desires for its preparation and nourishment.

We have special selection of books to empower your family in our archive.

We assist individuals who struggle with unresolved issues and the dis-creating of  past belief systems by addressing their concerns in our FAQ section and C-S Lessons. The FAQ is a gold mine waiting to be discovered by you.

Inspirational  quotes assist with our spiritual transformation when they are frequently attended to by way of repetition. Hence our Meditative Auto Suggestion (MAS) section. Some quotes can be read to children at bed time to assist them in developing a spiritual self-image and confidence.

We live what we have become not just for ourselves, but for others as well. Help your neighbor in their preparation effort by forming meet-up groups.  We have added a ‘Systematic Approach to Cosmic Spirituality Meetup Group Work’ to help you in formulating your group and realizing the goals of the group. We hope you find this detailed approach very beneficial. There are many activities to get you started, as well as books with exercises that may be used in group discussions.

If you need further assistance we have books that are of great help. It is our pleasure to be of service to you. Feel free to contact us at any time. Remember, you are not alone on the journey. We are here to serve you. It is our purpose and calling to help you prepare for this spiritual epoch.

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Getting confused with all the religious, ‘spiritual’ and secular drama? We are here to keep you focused! This is a time to be more than spiritually awakened. It is time for action. Prepare yourself for a spiritual epoch. A big part of your enlightened experience lies here.

Spiritual preparation for the impending epoch means transformation to that state of the consciousness marked by self-governance.  We are here to assist you in making that change. Long lasting change begins with Spiritually Inspired Quotes. Internalize and personalize each quote. Then live that Inspired quote.


Moving Towards Self Governance

We are all on the same spiritual path; but we may not be at the same location on the path. Cosmic spiritual concepts may or may not be for you at this time. Cosmic spirituality is not about religion. Cosmic spirituality is not about fortune telling. Cosmic spirituality will not put you in touch with any of the gods or their rituals, traditions or rules. Cosmic spirituality is not about secular , religious or intellectual social networking. Cosmic spirituality is here to assist you in developing the richer and more advanced inner human qualities that are necessary for you to function as an independent adult spirit being who conducts all affairs according to reason and responsibility. Cosmic spirituality teaches you how to extend this mature adult Cosmic consciousness into community living in a spirit of oneness. Cosmic spirituality seeks to bring individuals together who have been awakened or who are at that stage where the spirit is demanding the awakened experience.Every book written by Victoria Elizabethaan has this as the main underlying objective. The content of every book, irrespective of its title, is geared toward the acquisition of the Cosmic purpose. Think Big Spiritual Awakening has the Cosmic purpose as the main underlying objective as well. Cosmic spirituality seeks to prepare individuals for the liberation to another dimension that is only attainable by self governing individuals. 

Cosmic spirituality will achieve its goal by impacting each individual (or unit of conscious energy), in such away that the frequency at which they presently vibrate is transformed to that which is necessary for their liberation to another spiritual dimension. The necessary vibration is a vibration of self-mastery or self-governance. Cosmic spirituality does this by first creating an impact on the thought process. It is thought that gives rise to belief. Belief, when activated by commitment and practice, brings about lasting transformation.We must become the master of who we are. We must save ourselves. And we can only do this by becoming aware of the governing principles of the Cosmos and using this awareness to empower ourselves.  We are living in spiritually trying times. It is no longer ‘business – as – usual’ for humanity. Think Big Spiritual Awakening heralds the ‘Wake-Up!’ call.

A strong belief of Cosmic spirituality is that we are here to evolve into maturity…that state of completeness…then we move on. The lower realm is not designed, and is not a permanent dwelling for adult spirit beings. The lower realm nurtures us until we are awakened into completeness. Think Big main focus is facilitating the individual towards that state.

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Cosmic spirituality is where all becomes one, and every manifestation is a manifestation of that One.

Self Governance: the Message for the Time

Humanity has become rather complacent. We believe anything and take everything for granted. What is considered mainstream has  become law and very few seem to question. We spend more time entertaining ourselves and very little to no time in coming to an understanding of who we are, why we are here and where do we go from here. Many of us cannot see beyond the physical manifestation of the non-physical. So it was in Jesus’ time. Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas;

(28)  “I took my position in the midst of the world.  In the flesh did I appear to them. Everyone was intoxicated.  None of them was thirsty. My soul became sorrowful for humanity. They are blind in their hearts. They are not feeling what they should feel and  they are not seeing what they should see. They came into the world lacking in knowledge and they intend to leave in that state of not knowing.  At this moment they are fully  intoxicated. When they become aware of what has happen, then they will be sorrowful.”

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Do you have a burning question? It may have been answered at ‘FAQ’. Check out our FAQ section.

The aim of Think Big Spiritual Awakening is to heighten the awareness of humanity.  It is no longer business as usual. It is time to wake up and prepare for a great spiritual epoch. Preparation is more than knowing. Preparation means becoming. As an adult spirit being you are invited to join the self governing kingdom. But to enter this kingdom you must master the art of self governance. Self governance suggest you are responsible for yourself. This calls for practice so as to develop the skill. Our inspirational quotes takes you down the road of self governance. They heighten your awareness and motivate you to seek the necessary knowledge.

Being transformed to a Cosmic thought is a necessary prerequisite for the liberation to a higher spiritual dimension. Seek and you will find!