How to Create a Cosmic Spirituality Meet-up

A Systematic Approach to Cosmic Spirituality Meetup Group Work


 Cosmic spirituality meetup group is founded on the principle that there is one great and infinite existence, and all that exists lives within the body of that greater existence and is a part of the existence. In as much as different organs of the body functions in a way to express a particular functional quality of the body; all of creation seeks to express and to contribute to the functional quality of this greater self-organizing being. And we do so because we are a part of being, and subjects of the greater being’s vibrations, rhythms and impulse which emanates from its internal logic. The individual who seeks to become cosmic spirituality is one who is desirous of a transformation that allows the more advanced intent and purpose of the greater being to become evident within them. The main theme for cosmic spirituality group is ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you’. 

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Mission Statement:

 We exist as a group to help individuals become self-mastered/self-governing beings by developing spiritual qualities (i.e. cosmological intent and purpose). We do this by using a group facilitator method based on a teaching/learning experience that focuses on the acquisition of higher knowledge, meditative auto suggestion, meditation and conscious community living .

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Vision Statement:

 There is unity in strength. We grow faster together than we do individually. Cosmic spirituality meetup group will heighten the cosmic/Christ consciousness of individuals through support and encouragement as we prepare for the ascension. The aim of the group is to facilitate the spiritual transformation of its members, so they become self-mastered/self-governing individuals who conducts all their affairs according to reason and responsibility.

Belief Statement:

 Cosmic spirituality meetup groups are formed because we believe that there is the emergence of a consciousness that is higher than the religious/self-consciousness.  The belief system and methodology of the religious/self-consciousness has failed to nourish and advance this consciousness because the consciousness is higher than the religious/self-consciousness and cannot be understood by it.

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 A facilitated teaching/learning group work technique is used; in which knowledge of the structure and function of the cosmos is imparted to group members. The group members are assisted in using this knowledge to empower themselves.

Group activities include but are not limited to:

  • Analyzing the elements of thought presented in various topics and subject areas,
  • Assessing how the information impacts the individual, relationships and the cosmos,
  • Planning of activities that will allow group members to practice the new thought,
  • Assessment of group events,
  • Assessment of cosmic spirituality group meetup effectiveness

Individual’s activities include but are not limited to:

  • Accomplishing reading assignments,
  • Reflecting on reading assignment so as to allow for the expansion of the thought or subject matter within themselves. (An individual who did their reflection has more to contribute to the group discussion.)
  • Engage is Meditative Auto Suggestion (MAS), to begin to emotionalize the new thought,
  • Commit and practice to become the thought
  • Personal assessment of their spiritual growth

Facilitator’s activities include but are not limited to:

  • Plan group events in a way that makes the best use of the allotted time,
  • Do final assessment of the group event before the event is undertaken; paying special attention to the objective of the event and whether the objective will be met,
  • Documentation of calendar planning
  • Final assessment of meetup effectiveness
  • Ensuring that all events have adequate funding

NOTE: Group facilitators are paid as psycho-spiritual coaches. Each program lasts approximately 52 weeks. The suggestion is that the facilitator charges for the complete program at the beginning and that books and other supplies be included in the cost. Funding for events should be considered as the need arises. A facilitator may opt to work with more than one group, but it is advisable that the maximum membership of each group be maintained at 25. New members should not be admitted after the second session of the program. Each session last two hours.

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 Reading is a must for group members. (The book may be supplied as an audio file.) The method used is called DEED (Dis-create, Equip, Empower, Dispatch) because the program is a consciously designed intention.


 The first task for a cosmic spiritual meetup group is a complete dis-creation of the religious thought. Cosmic spirituality does not focus on conforming to laws, rules and rituals. Cosmic spirituality focuses on transformation. It is about becoming that law of oneness upon which the higher principle is founded. The book provided to assist with this task is ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm’.

This book is not a workbook. Each facilitator must design assignment befitting for the specific group throughout the formative (gestational) sessions. It is the facilitators responsibility to assess each group member to develop an understanding as to the state of the consciousness at which they presently operate. This will assist with designing effective assignments. The facilitator may need to work individually with some group members as well.


The second task is equipping the group with salient elements of the cosmic thought process. The book supplied to assist with this is ‘Beyond Religiosity’. This is a workbook with numerous assignments that should be done outside of the group formal sessions and then be discussed as a group.


 The third task is empowerment. At this stage the individual spends much time alone in Meditative Auto Suggestion (MAS). There are many quotes supplied on this site to assist with this stage of spiritual becoming; as well as books such as, ‘Get High on Life’ and ‘In the Rocking Chair’. Check out our archive and stay tuned for the publication date of ‘Not in my House’. This book focuses on communication and interpersonal relationships.

NOTES: Cosmic spirituality meetup groups make full use of quotes. Quotes are short pointed or focused messages that impacts the subconscious. They are therefore very easy to become a part of the individual’s life.

Repetitive strain injury can impact your ability to enjoy life. Long hours at the computer, using the mouse, competitive sports. Protect your posture.


It is time to send your group members off to lead a purposeful self-governing life. The individual may choose to be a part of the cosmic spiritual association. The association does not have a limitation on numbers. And activities such as dinners, dance, games evening, talent exposures etc. are planned at this level. A president is selected for the association every year. Since most members of the association are functioning adult spirit beings, the structure and function of the association is left up to the association to decide on.

Attributes of Self-governance

  •  An advanced understanding of the self
  • Predictability/reliability: In ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm we refer to this attribute as becoming a constant. There can be no trust in the absence of predictability and reliability.
  • Oneness: Oneness allows for humility and eradicates jealousy and fierce competitiveness. It promotes generosity as well since helping others is helping myself. Oneness recognizes that we are all a part of the Life Giving Force although our roles and functions may differ. We therefore honor the individuality and freewill in others and refrain from downgrading anyone’s role or talents.
  • Realism: An acceptance of the cosmos as is and without being judgmental and aligning one’s entire life in accordance with its principles.
  • Optimism, recognizing that the evolutionary stage of the cosmic cycle allows you the opportunity to create and dis-create yourself. You can achieve the greatest height simply by reaching out and grasping the thought.
  • Forgiveness: Not only does forgiveness frees us and makes us healthier; it also contributes to the spirit of oneness. We forgive because we all are subjects of conscious emergence. Our spiritual awareness may be more advanced. But this is simply because we have already traversed the degree at which others are operating. We therefore extend compassion and empathy. We know that revenge, resentment and retaliation are energy suckers. They dim our light and reduce the power we have to exercise dominion. We can get angry. And we can take action. But all must be done in accordance with the knowledge that exists on the higher plain.
  • Intention: Responsibility means you have the ability to act independently in a knowledgeable manner. But true responsibility calls for more than knowledge. Responsibility means you have made a choice, you are committed to the choice, you are focused on your choice, you are practicing your choice and you bring forth that choice into reality.
  • Change: During the evolutionary stage of the cosmos, everything are subjects of change. Live in anticipation of change. Your body changes. Your spirit changes. Your friends change. Your house and car change. The universe is changing. Expect changes. Since everything around us is changing, we must exercise dominion over our spiritual change or transformation. If we are not conscious of the process of inner evolution regression sets in. We will find ourselves reliving the old past.
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Spiritual Concepts

 The following spiritual concepts assist us in developing the attributes necessary to achieve self-governance.

  • Humanity do not make mistakes. Our actions are directly related to our state of the consciousness. When we reflect on our action, and question our action, we learn more about ourselves; and our awareness is heightened.
  • We believe most of what we believe out of fear – a fear of hell, a fear of being punished by society, a fear of failing, a fear of being called weak, a fear of being endangered, a fear of insecurity and the list goes on. But until we are prepared to face our fears and discreate them, we will always be held in a belief system enthralled by fear.
  • Those with whom we come in contact are not our enemies. They all provide lessons from which we learn. These lessons assist the evolution of our consciousness.
  • As we grow, we are better able to identify our ego or base soul in action. Growth provides us with opportunities to silence our ego.
  • We are never alone in life. We are constantly being guided by the kingdom of heaven/God/the One that resides in us.
  • Growth requires action. Growth requires change.
  • We are made from the very substance of the Life-Giving Force. We are therefore endowed with Divine abilities.


Prepared by Victoria Elizabethaan. All rights reserved.

Prepared by Victoria Elizabethaan. All rights reserved.


Spirituality Meet-up Groups

Spirituality meet-up group fosters community centered living. The main objective of  Cosmic Spirituality meet-up groups is to foster healthy community living among self-governing individuals. The spirituality meet-up group is considered to be homogeneous in that there is a common objective that unifies the group. Since healthy community living provides an environment in which each individual assumes a sense of responsibility, accountability and authority, the community allows individuals the opportunity to exercise self governance. It also assists group members in developing the social skills needed so as to align themselves with the Law of oneness. Much focus is placed on effective communication, cooperation and coordination.

Game sessions strengthens community living. Make games an integral part of your spirituality meetup.Indoor table tennis.

A big challenge most cosmic spirituality groups face is longevity. This does not have to be so.

Man and Woman Shaking Hands in Middle of Brown Wooden Table

So as to maintain the longevity of the group, there are many teaching-learning activities and assigned tasks. Teaching-learning experiences begins with an understanding of the structure and function of the cosmos. Humanity can never be truly free without the knowledge of the structure and function of the cosmos. Ignorance of the structure and function of the cosmos causes fear and doubt. The Revelation of the Eternal Realm makes for good individual reading which is then discussed using  spirituality group-work technique. There should be a systematic approach to group work at the onset when the cosmic thought process is being introduced.

Activities should engender the cooperation of all members; because it is only when each member perceive a need for other members (as to say interrelated), that the group progresses. It therefore means that group activities must be so structured that each individual has an important part to play. That is, each task or goal is subdivided into sub-task or sub-goals that are assigned to group members who see themselves as responsible and accountable for the realization of the sub-task or sub-goal.

Fundamental to every cosmic spirituality group is the true understanding of the structure and function of the cosmos. This is the beginning of the enlightening experience.

This does not mean the member in question cannot engage the effort of other group members. In healthy community living there is much sharing, caring, helping, empowering and encouraging.

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Spirituality Meet-up Group Target

The main criteria for group members are; they have attained or are aspiring for self-governance and they seek to participate in healthy community living. It is the responsibility of the founder/director to ensure that individuals selected are either spiritually awakened or are on the verge of spiritual awakening. A good suggestion is for the director to ensure that every member develop an understanding of the thought process of the higher principle. We have put together an excellent book for you with many inspiring spiritual lessons to facilitate this process. It would be prudent for each group member to have their personal copy of ‘Beyond Religiosity‘ since it is a workbook in which they can make their personal notations. This can then be followed by other books that leads to self mastery and self governance. We have been making selections for you. Kindly check our archive.



Spirituality Meet-up Group: Group Number

So as to encourage the participation of all members, a cosmic spirituality meet up group is more effective if the number is kept at or below twenty five. If the number is larger, attempts should be made at division so as to create multiple ‘sibling’ groups that may come together for major events.

Each sibling group has its own set of goals/activities and sub-goals/sub-activities that is important for the realization of any planned major events.

Spirituality Meet-up Group: The Role of the Cosmic Spiritual Facilitator/Organizer

The cosmic spiritual facilitator/organizer:

  • Moderates group discussions
  • Keep the group task oriented
  • With the assistance of group members, divide each task into sub-tasks and distribute the sub-tasks among members
  • Monitor the progress of task realization and keep the group undated
  • Organize group meditation sessions
  • Evaluate the spiritual goal of the group (all goals must contribute to group members becoming self governing…i.e. leading their life in accordance with reason and responsibility).

Spirituality Meet-up Group: Discussion Forums

Group discussion focuses on advancing the human thought process and in doing so, advancing the consciousness.

Think Big has provided lesson guides, inspirational articles, inspirational sayings and inspirational quotes to assist group members in this area. From time to time, we will be suggesting books that will bring individuals into the ‘know’. We will be offering tips and suggestions as to how to improve health as self-governance is aspired for.



Spirituality Meet-up Group: Group Activities

Group activities include but are not limited to:

  • Doing projects within a specific community such as ‘adopting a road’ project
  • Performing arts programs (especially when there is an option to include multiple groups)
  • Art exhibitions
  • Culinary skills
  • Meditation Exercises

Spirituality Meet-up Group: Evaluation of Group Effectiveness

Evaluation is person centered in cosmic spirituality groups. Here are some of the questions individuals may want to ask themselves:

  • How am I progressing
  • Do I possess a good understanding of the structure and function of the universe and by extension the cosmos ?
  • How is my knowledge of the structure and function of the universe assisting me in relating to myself, others, the world, the universe and the cosmos?
  • Am I being effective and efficient at tasks delegated to me?
  • Did I feel like my sub-task was my ‘master’ or was I able to master the task?
  • How do I evaluate my incorporation of other group members?
  • Did I feel a sense of co-dependency or inter-dependency  as I work along with other group members?
  • Did I seek out the knowledge necessary for the task to be excellently accomplished? (Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Cosmic spirituality emphasizes the need for knowledge as an adult spirit should).
  • Was I overwhelmed by the sub-task and if I was, how did I go about resolving the feeling?
  • Did I find myself guilty of dominating/manipulating, seeking more help than was necessary (i.e. freeloading), being a stumbling block to the progress of the task, seeking status or recognition? (Adult spirit beings must learn to live as unidirectional and unilateral streamers).
  • Did I need the end result to be organized and neat so I took on more than was delegated?
  • Did I trust other group members to effectively and efficiently accomplish their sub-task?

Individual may opt to discussing their self evaluation with the group and get their input as to suggestions that will enhance healthy community living.

We do hope that this information was beneficial. Happy community- centered living! And remember our drive is ‘Save Humanity‘ as we seek to take ourselves into another spiritual dimension.




Victoria Elizabethaan

Victoria Elizabethaan is a Cosmic Spirituality coach and writer who advocates for the acquisition of self governance via an advance awakened consciousness. Through her advocacy in this area, she hopes to promote a change in the misconception that freedom is irresponsibility and helps others achieve self-mastery. Victoria heralds four themes: Self governance, Effective communication, Healthy relationships and Healthy community living. Elizabethaan writes numerous inspirational books, articles, quotes, poetry and sayings; to channel her readers along the spiritual path. It is her wish that through her writings, many individuals will be liberated from a meaningless life, anxiety, fear and depression that comes about from living in the unknown and a neglect of the spirit. She has worked in the following areas: Leader and facilitator of youth groups, Youth mentor, Pre – and Post-marital coach and Inner City Youth Mentor-ship Program Coordinator Her interests include spirituality, reading and the performing arts. Included among her certifications, Victoria is a recipient of a BA (hons) with emphasis in guidance and counseling

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