We do email coach counselling and talk therapy. Email us your questions and concerns at [email protected] Your email address will be held strictly confidential. Meditation and enlightenment is great; but it is empowerment that leads to a holistic and successful life.

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Have you been inspired to change through our effort at think-big-spirtualawakenig.com? If you have, drop us a line.  We are here to assist you in achieving spiritual transformation and self-governance.

Self-governance is an active process of becoming aware of one’s own responsibility to the achieving of same; and making reasonable choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Spiritual transformation is a dynamic process of change and growth that influences our world view of self, communication and relationships. And cosmic spirituality coaching technique is founded on:

The psychological theory of the consciousness

The metaphysical concept of the cosmos – its structure and function and,

Existential philosophy.

If you are interested in our coaching technique or talk therapy drop us a line. We are here to take you from less to more.


TBSA Today seek to foster healthy spiritual development through coaching that makes full use of  structured psycho-spiritual lessons, inspirational quotes and meditative auto suggestions (MAS). Create a private username and password and email us the challenge you are currently facing. All information / email sent to us will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

It is our  hope that our  facilitating role will bring about a  transformation of  the  consciousness to that state where  conduct is governed by reason and responsibility. A conscious life is a satisfying life.

Let’s  move towards self governance.

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Psycho-spiritual coaches are teachers. This approach to coaching is called psycho-spiritual because its main focus is building or expanding the consciousness.  Our teaching aims at creating a feeling that impacts thought. The thought generated creates another feeling that impacts behavior.  Psycho-spiritual coaches do not diagnose or treat mental conditions. Our job is to awaken the spirit or true self within an individual by heightening the awareness of the consciousness, through an acquisition of knowledge pertaining to the structure and function of the universe and by extension the cosmos. We teach clients how to use this knowledge to empower themselves and to achieve self-mastery. Psycho-spiritual coaching guides the individual towards self-governance.

We are spiritual teachers addressing psycho-spiritual issues.

If you are experiencing physical or mental conditions, kindly speak with your doctor. If your concern is of a spiritual nature feel free to drop us a line.