If we say yes to a book it is a big YES! We only bring you books that have been tried, tested and proven. If we say YES, you can spiritually say YES as well. We hope that these books will become a corner stone in families. We hope that they will become discussions at the dining table, a  part of the game and the success of your children. Select a ‘bedtime story’ book for the awakened child here! Awakened children do not need “The three bears.” They have heard and read those fairy tales many times before. We seek to enlighten you so you can lead a conscious and holistic life geared at your success.


Wealth Mastery

Is your belief about money stopping you from receiving the natural abundance of the universe? Let us assist you with dis-creating those thought blockers. Here are some books to assist you on your journey. Remember that wealth mastery is an important prerequisite to self-governance. Earl Nightingale focuses not only on wealth mastery, but self mastery that brings about the discipline necessary for success.

A concise and precise book suited for youths.

Until you have learnt the art of self-governance you will not be able to appreciate the oneness of the cosmos. 

Dis-creating the Religious Thought Process

Get your Copy of Beyond Religiosity Here

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav


It is a very common belief among modern day Christianity that the first person to be crucified for the ‘sins’ of the world was Jesus. On the contrary, there are existing evidence of individuals being ‘crucified to save the world‘ before Jesus’ time. Upon introspection, the newly awakened spirit being struggles with reconciling the following questions.

  • Is the concept of crucifixion and the shedding of blood for redemption ingrained in the religious thought process?
  • Are some of the stories surrounding the alleged crucifixion of Jesus plagiarized from some previous religious/mythical events?
  • Why are there no historical documentations of some of the most outstanding events surrounding the crucifixion although historians were present and active during the life of Jesus?
  • Did Jesus make an impact on the political arena as purported by the new testament writers?
  • Did Jesus form a new religion of did he herald a kingdom that was in no way religious?

THE WORLD’S SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS OR, CHRISTIANITY BEFORE CHRIST, is an interesting documentation of many so called saviors of the world. And many of the events attributed to the Jesus crucifixion story is actually noted as taking place before Jesus’ time. The book is an eye opener for individuals looking for facts that may assist them in dis-creating the religious thought. The suggestion is to go for the facts within the book. Try to separate the facts from the opinions of the writer.

You may read the book here


If you are and have been following world events, you will be quite cognizant of the many disclosures that have been taking place. And some of the disclosures are heavily tainted with the work of darkness in as much as to scare you. This gives strength to the religious beliefs of the existence of a devil. The the newly awakened spirit being struggles with reconciling the following questions.

  • Where did the devil come from?
  • Of what substance was the devil created.
  • Are there many devils or one devil
  • What is the cosmic purpose behind the existence of a devil?
  • Where does the devil sit in the Cosmic consciousness of Oneness?

THE HISTORY OF THE DEVIL AND THE IDEA OF EVIL FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES TO THE PRESENT DAY by PAUL CARUS  Is an interesting and enlightening read for any one who is seeking a reconciliation of this thought. 

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Show me the one who is going through the spiritual awakening process but refuses to read and I will show you someone who is still asleep!

The Revelation of the Eternal Realm

For those who seek after the emergence of the Cosmic thought within themselves pick up your copy of The Revelation of the Eternal Realm.

Excerpt from ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm’

And stay tuned for the upcoming webinar in which the topic will be addressed as well.

Health Mastery

The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS

The Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj

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