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Think Big Spiritual Awakening is a teaching centered spiritual organization that seeks to advance the consciousness from a state of dependence on external laws and rituals (religious/self thought),  to a consciousness governed by inner laws. The focus is permanent behavioral change. We seek to satisfy the diverse needs by offering online studies, personal (tele- and email) spiritual life coaching services and the soon to be established group coaching and ‘Let’s Talk Spirituality’ (TTS) sessions.

Our teaching begins at the transition zone between the religious and cosmic thought.  In this zone, much attention is placed on the structure and function of the infinite cosmic energy field and a core foundation course that allows students to identify the core or root of their limiting thoughts and belief system.

We keep members of our website up to date on many of the holistic practices that are creating energy waves within the cosmic thought, especially as pertaining to health, well-being and relationships.

Let us all transform instead of conform. But to become transformed we must understand our ego mind and be able to bring it into alignment with our true spirit. We call this alignment a reconciliation or a ‘making the two into one’.

I am a part of an infinite ever evolving sea of consciousness. The evolutionary stage of the consciousness is one in which nothing is allowed to stand still. Rigidity in my thought process when it is time to let go can be detrimental to my physical and spiritual health. I must look beyond my external circumstances. I must silence my ego-mind so I can experience the awareness of my true spirit. I must take that step upward to the next level to guarantee my entrance into another spiritual dimension. I demand of myself permanent behavioral change.

Psycho-spiritual Coaching:

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Our fundamental beliefs outlined in our many video presentations speak to the fact that we are performance oriented coaches. Permanent behavioral change is our goal.We believe in taking our clients from less to more. More self-respect. More self-acceptance. More both in the physical and the spiritual realm.

Conscious living is our focus. Living consciously is living a self-governing life. Conscious living starts with an understanding of the infinite self-organizing energy field of which we all are its very substance, and the ability to assess one’s belief system and make any adjustment or dis-create unproductive thoughts. We are quite accepting of our clients’ starting point; because the evolutionary process takes us from less to more.

Psycho-spiritual coaching is founded on the premise ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you’. Within you lie the invincible power to become self-governing – the power to make that permanent behavioral change.


Psycho-spiritual coaching is here to teach you humanity next big goal that will take us into another spiritual dimension. Make an appointment, stay tuned to our webinars and discussions, let us assist you in creating cosmic spirituality meet-up groups, and teach your children the way to true spiritual success. Teach your family self governance by visiting our archive.

The kingdom of heaven is within you. You are more than you think!

I seek to teach you not just what I have learned. I seek to teach you what I have learned and I have become. I am my first student. The ascension message belongs to me first.


Woman Writing in White BoardToday I am a new thought, a new mind, a new intention and a new creature; because I allow myself to FEEL what I am feeling. My feeling is a gateway to my spiritual evolution. I attend to what I feel. I reflect, consider and reason that which generates a feeling within me.

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I believe that the life I am living today is as a result of the thoughts I invited within me in the past. And I am aware of the fact that the thoughts I invite today are shaping my tomorrow. My thoughts govern my vibration. When I change my thoughts I change my vibration.


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