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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to succeed at everything they do while others don’t? Do you experience debilitating fear when you think of taking on new tasks? Have you ever been stunned by a series of failures and are at the point where you are not too sure what to do next? What about the effort you have been putting in your significant relationships? Are you reaping the benefits of  your effort? Do you find yourself asking the question ‘Why is life not working for me?’ or ‘Why am I going through this again?’ Are you overweight amidst attempts at all the weight management programs you have engaged in? Do you feel stuck? If you have been puzzled by any of the above questions you need the help of a certified psycho-spiritual life coach to assist you in becoming the master of your world.



My name is Victoria Elizabethaan and I am a certified cosmic psycho-spiritual coach. I am goal and performance oriented. Permanent behavioral change is what I assist all my clients to achieve. I believe in taking my clients from fear-based confusion to a life of self-mastery. I facilitate your development of a functional belief system that allows you to create all your desired goals. More self-respect, self-acceptance physical, emotional and spiritual health is our guarantee.

In my coaching practice I make full use of the HuMethod technique which has been clinically proven to bring about lasting change to all clients who are genuinely seeking to live a more fulfilled life. This technique involves a series of steps that have been developed with the use of science and psychology. And the thought process the technique supports has a metaphysics, Gnostic and philosophical undertone. The birth of the technique back over two decades and it has evolved into an empowering healing modality.

There are many life coaches in the field who may not certified be and are unable to guarantee the permanent behavioral change you desire. This is due to the lack of an effectively structured curriculum. There is no transformational curriculum as outstanding in its ability to guarantee permanent behavioral change as the HuMethod does.

Spiritual Life Coach technique such as the HuMethod are becoming increasingly popular among even physicians. And most people gravitate towards coaching because a clinically proven technique guarantees results without the added mental label and diagnosis. Therapy is known to stick a label on you that is befitting your past. As a HuMethod coach, I help you set goals and assist you in identifying dysfunctional beliefs that may hinder you from achieving them. I am not a therapist and I do not identify you with labels that are befitting your dysfunctional behavior or attitude. I recognize that you are not your behavior. You are consciousness having a human experience. You have the ability to chose and reject any behavior that does not work in your best interest but you are not your behavior. My interest in your past is only as much as it affects your present and your future.

What would you say if I tell you that in twenty one days your life can be changed? What if I tell you that twenty one days is all you need to initiate the machinery to achieve all you desire? You do not need to only imagine the healthy relationship you desire. You can have that relationship. And you dreams and visions are not beyond your reach. They are closer than you think.


Psycho-spiritual coaching is founded on the premise ‘the kingdom of heaven’ (the cosmological governing principle),  lies within you. Within you lies the invincible power to become self-governing. Within you lies the power to make that permanent behavioral change that will allow you to achieve your dreams and visions. To acquaint yourself with the metaphysico-spiritual knowledge that forms the backbone of the coaching approach used, feel free to view the many video presentations I have on this site.


I am here to teach you humanity next big goal that will take us into another spiritual dimension. Make an appointment, stay tuned to our webinars and discussions, let us assist you in creating cosmic spirituality meet-up groups, and let us teach your children the way to true spiritual success. Teach your family self governance by visiting our archive.


Woman Writing in White BoardToday I am a new thought, a new mind, a new intention and a new creature; because I allow myself to FEEL what I am feeling. My feeling is a gateway to my spiritual evolution. I attend to what I feel. I reflect, consider and reason that which generates a feeling within me.

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I believe that the life I am living today is as a result of the thoughts I invited within me in the past. And I am aware of the fact that the thoughts I invite today are shaping my tomorrow. My thoughts govern my vibration. When I change my thoughts I change my vibration.

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